Arnica Montana - the humble mountain daisy

When I first came across homeopathy, I was fascinated to read about Arnica’s long history of healing, being used to treat falls, bruises and other injuries. Arnica has golden yellow flowers, like a daisy and grows in the soil along the slopes of the mountainous regions of the world - exactly in the areas where people and animals are most likely to fall and bruise themselves! Pretty amazing eh?!!

It's my number one favourite remedy and I always try to keep a supply of Arnica in my family first aid kit, bag, purse and car and take it wherever I’m travelling. It’s got anti inflammatory properties and I use it to help reducing the swelling and discoloration of bruising following falls, bumps and minor injuries (its invaluable with kids in the playground!!). It also works to address shock following an injury or trauma and useful in post surgical recovery, dental pains and even jet lag!

Within a consultation, I offer homeopathic first aid kits which includes the essential Arnica and many other useful remedies in tablet form. For external application, Neal's Yard do some great Arnica products, Arnica Cream, a soothing cream or Arnica Salve, to rub into muscles before or after exercise or whenever your muscles are just feeling tired and overworked...or a bit old and rheumatic!

Sarah x

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