I am a fully qualified homeopath based in Islington, North London. I obtained my BSc degree in homeopathy from the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London - the largest homeopathic school in the UK and accredited by Middlesex University. I am also fully registered and insured with The Society of Homeopaths, the chief organisation for homeopaths in the UK and am bound by their code of ethics and conduct.

My journey with homeopathy
For over 10 years I worked in central London and the world of magazine publishing - an amazing, fun, stimulating and varied environment but with the constant pressure of crazy deadlines. We face deadlines every day - they organise us, inspire us and increase our productivity but in a continually stressful environment, the adrenalin response can go into panic-inducing overdrive. I also had a joyously hectic social life - I was burning the candle at both ends, not getting enough sleep and my immunity suffered. I had to take radical action to reduce my stress levels, so I sought out complementary and alternative therapies to achieve a better balance in my physical and emotional health.

I experienced such a huge and positive first hand experience of homeopathy that I became intrigued. I attended a few workshops and beginners' courses in homeopathy and eventually decided to take a career break from publishing and retrain as a homeopath.

Having a young family, I have a special interest in new mums, babies and children, pre-natal and post-natal issues including fertility. Homeopathy is suited to the treatment of mothers and young children because it is gentle and non-toxic.

I practice in Islington, London. Get in touch to book an appointment or to find out whether homeopathy can help you and your family.


Skype/Facetime and home visits by request.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Sarah x

What do patients seek help for?


  • fertility and conception

  • pregnancy ailments

  • birthing support

  • postnatal issues

  • wellness and vitality

  • emotional health and anxiety

  • difficulty with sleep


  • infant colic and reflux

  • teething

  • coughs and colds

  • digestive problems

  • earaches, glue ear

  • ongoing infections

  • blocked tear ducts

  • behaviour and emotional difficulties